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Same Sex Child Custody

What does a divorce mean to a child? It can be the beginning of a scary period in his or her life. However, with judicious and thoughtful preparation, their security and stability can be preserved with a well-designed child custody agreement. For same-sex couples, there are often complicating factors, such as adoption, already present when a custody case goes to court. It takes a skilled and experienced Howard and Montgomery County child custody attorney to successfully balance a child’s wellbeing with the wishes and needs of each parent in a custody negotiation.

McCabe Russell, PA maintains office locations in Fulton, Columbia, Bethesda and Rockville, where we effectively and tactfully employ our knowledge and education in handling divorce cases for our LGBTQ clients in Howard and Montgomery Counties. We are the firm that your family members and friends know and recommend.

Columbia Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Questions about child custody to consider

As an LGBTQ family, you are already familiar with navigating the legal system for the benefit of your children, whether in regard to surrogacy, adoption or previous custody agreements. When a divorce is involved, there are often conflicting perspectives on what constitutes the best outcome for your children.

We have successfully helped clients identify the following questions and then find workable solutions to each through mediation and the court system:

  • What custody schedule will work best for the children and for me?
  • What can I do if my ex-spouse threatens to prevent me from seeing my children?
  • How do I handle an ex-spouse with mental illness, addiction or alcoholism?
  • How do I handle seemingly insurmountable arguments about custody or care of our children?
  • Are there any “normal” custody schedules we should consider?
  • What kind of contact can I have with my children when I do not have custody?
  • Are legal and physical custody the same?
  • Will my children’s wishes be considered when custody is determined?
  • Will my sexual orientation affect the judge’s custody decision?
  • What happens if my ex-spouse does not return our children after a visit or returns them late?
  • How will my financial status impact the judge’s custody decision?
  • If I really cannot have a civil conversation with my ex-spouse, can we still share custody?

Perhaps one, or more, of these questions seem relevant to your situation, or perhaps your question is one we have not listed. Our attorneys are ready and willing to discuss any issue, no matter how slight or trivial, related to your custody arrangement. Knowing your rights, as well as what you can reasonably anticipate, in a custody case can help you prepare for, not only your own expectations, but those of your children, reducing any associated distress or trauma. Sometimes, it is necessary to establish paternity or handle adoption issues head-on. Our lawyers have handled many same-sex divorces and are happy to help you with any complicated issue that may arise.

Helping LGBTQ families in Montgomery and Howard Counties with divorce and child custody

Our tactful and discreet Howard and Montgomery County same-sex divorce attorneys have experience facilitating family restructuring through custody agreements and divorce, and we take pride in helping LGBTQ families through these complicated proceedings. We bring our knowledge and education to the table to promote your interests and those of your children in Fulton, Columbia, Bethesda and Rockville. We hope we can assist your family as well. Call McCabe Russell, PA at 443-812-1435 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment.