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We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re proud to share the opinions of those who know best what it’s like to work with our firm.

"For some people divorce is stressful. For me, divorce was personally and professionally liberating. The decision and consequences built consistently and over the period of years to remind me of my path and the importance of being true to myself, while galvanizing my love and dedication for my son. Heather McCabe and Emily Russell came into my life by my sister’s introduction. The processes by which they tackled the various intricacies of my family’s difficult circumstance were underwritten by their fundamental capacity to listen deeply and discern how best to accomplish true success. Compassion was interwoven with tenacity and organization. They alternately supported each other and led. Ultimately, I got to feel them standing up for me as my heroic spokeswomen, fighting our cause with determination. On those days when they won, more often than not, I stood, moved, and thankful to them and to Maryland for hearing me, for making them, and for being my home. It is without reservation that I recommend McCabe Russell, PA for not only their family law expertise but also for their capacity to embark with you on a nuanced journey toward your transformation."

~ C. Wright

"You know that hard knot that sits in your stomach when you are about to embark on a new adventure, and even though there are maps and systems of navigation you are still not quite sure how you are going to get from point A to B. Mass information can lead to information overload. This is exactly what happened to us when we decided to get pregnant. But, as they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

I don’t remember who referred us to Heather and Emily. I do remember both Emily and Heather taking turns answering our many phone calls and emails about the legal changes we had made in Florida and how to ensure they continued in Maryland. Name changes, living wills, wills, property ownership, estates, civil unions, legal marriage, and finally adoption. You name it we had a question and a follow up question for it and they answered all of them, over and over, with patience and respect until we felt comfortable with the information. Heather and Emily drove to Baltimore and met us after work, in between night classes, at dinnertime, in the middle of rush hour. They were dedicated lawyers with a mother’s heart who understood taxing work days, budgets, and the worry of creating a beautiful life illegally, since at that time Maryland’s gay marriage laws weren’t as hip as they are now. Selfishly, I didn’t even think to ask them during our rush hour meetings how they were going to make it to dinner for their kids. I had tunnel vision at the time or dome vision since that is what I looked like in the last trimester.

We felt ready though. If we didn’t have the answer we had a team of people that did and had already been through what we were trying to accomplish. Onward we went. But, what good is preparation if you don’t get to use it? Even after all our detail checking and prepping our birth became a Lifetime special horror story with a child who couldn’t breath and a hospital who decided to deny access to my wife because she was not the birth mother and not legally family. As our child was being transported across Baltimore City from Franklin Square Hospital to the University of Maryland Medical Center we received a phone call from University of Maryland Medical Center head NICU doctor letting us now that she had also delivered Heather’s triplets and we as a family were completely welcome (apparently a connection was made for us in the midst of the craziness). At the same time Emily left a meeting in DC and came to us to get our adoption papers signed and verbally defend our right as mothers to anyone who questioned it. I will never forget that.

You better believe it that four years later—with a completely healthy and nutty four-year-old princess— when we decided to “get married” after fourteen years of a life together we immediately called them to ask about all our legal issues.

I’m so thankful for that referral five years ago. But, I will never forget Heather and Emily’s attention to detail, patience, clarity, perseverance in helping us create our little family and our marriage. Going on an adventure, such as marriage and having kids, can be daunting but when you have the right guides, even with its bumps and detours, you can relax a little, breath, and enjoy the beautiful journey you worked so hard to create."

~ C. S. Dansberger Duque

"McCabe Russell is the best law firm ever!!! Emily Russell was my attorney and I just can’t say enough awesome things about her! She is kind, honest, patient, and knows everything there is to know about family law. My case was extremely complicated and she took the time and effort to really look everything over carefully making sure to keep me informed every step of the way. She genuinely cares about her clients and their children and wants what’s best for them. If you are looking for a lawyer who can really get the job done definitely call McCabe Russell!!!!!! No matter how complicated or unique your situation may be they will be able to help you out!"

~ A. Thatcher

I would wholeheartedly recommend Emily Russell and Danielle Warwick of McCabe Russell, PA. They helped me with resolving a very complicated case. I was forced to sign a separation agreement with an unmodifiable alimony clause, incorporated into my divorce, that was opprobrious to me. I owed a lot of money I had to agree to pay to my ex to get out of a really bad situation. When I ventured to find a good attorney to help with my case, I interviewed another gentleman that made me feel terrible about having signed such an agreement. I decided not to call him back, and instead called and met with the McCabe Russell attorneys. There was no blame, no shaming, just understanding and empathy. Understanding is probably an operative word here – which is much needed for anyone in difficult and emotionally charged situations. Additionally, both Emily and Danielle were smart, fast, and accurate.

I have dealt with different attorneys over the years and I usually have to remind them of the key facts and nuances of the case and correct the documents they produce. I am a detail-oriented person. I was extremely pleased to see that I made only minor tweaks to the documents they produced – if at all – and they had an amazing mastery of all the facts of the cases. All the filings were timely, there were no delays because they were too busy for me, and the attorneys were always on top of their game. They were respectful, and never lost their temper, even in the most difficult situations. They were highly effective with the judges and the arbitrator, and they were tough negotiators. They patiently explained all the intricacies of the case and laid out my options. They were available for discussions when needed and were highly responsive. Their billing was fair and accurate. And, the outcome of the three different cases they had to resolve for me to get me out of a terrible predicament I was in were all very positive for me. Resolving everything the way they did has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. If you want down-to-earth, smart, and fierce fighters on your side, call Emily and Danielle. You won’t regret it.


“Until my complicated and very contentious divorce, I had very little experience with the legal system. Close friends in the legal profession who had had first hand experience with the firm recommended McCabe Russell Family Law strongly to me. From the very beginning, their advice and support proved invaluable. They advised me gently and appropriately. They clearly used their tremendous depth of family law knowledge and experience to help guide me through each stage, being able to anticipate and prepare me for what would otherwise have been devastating for both my children and me. They always worked with integrity and helped me stay focused on the best interest of my children. They were never pushy, but always there for me, including in emergency situations. Ms. McCabe and Ms. Russell have a unique team approach that allows their clients to continuously benefit from the firm’s wealth of insight. They were transparent about fees and proved to be worth much more to my family than what we paid. They helped me prioritize my goals on day one, and came through with successfully helping me obtain those goals. Because of their guidance, at the end of the legal process, my children and I were able to continue down a path of healing after a period in our lives that was both painful and stressful.”

~ Previous Client

"What long list of superlatives could one possibly come up with to describe these women (Heather, Emily, Anna and their staff)? Unsurpassed, professional, compassionate, brilliant, patient, understanding, fun, funny, kind, persevering, stalwart, honorable, beautiful, etc. Oh my goodness, I'm going to run out of room for this post! I think anyone would understand by all of these client posts, DON'T go to any other law firm; you'll be wasting your time and money. You ladies know you're way more than my attorneys, more than my friends. You're part of my family and will always be in my and my children's hearts. I love you dearly. Thank you for everything you've done for us"

Maggie Wood

"I had the pleasure of working with Heather McCabe during a very unpleasant time going through a separation and divorce negotiations. In spite of some very questionable behavior on the part of the opposing counsel, Heather always held herself to the highest professional and personal standards. In addition, she is a kind and supportive person, just the kind one needs during a trying time of life. Her support staff are also outstanding. I cannot recommend them highly enough and will forever be grateful for their help."

Susan Trachman

"Great people and great work!"

Samuel Pearson-Moore