Our Process


At McCabe Russell, PA, Our Difference is Our Process

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McCabe Russell Family Lawyers Team

Because the personal and financial stakes are high in divorce and family law matters, we meet many of our clients during an emotional time. Clients often come to us with a great deal of uncertainty about the future and the legal process, which can be both overwhelming and stressful. We eliminate as much of that uncertainty as possible by clearly communicating about our process, legal proceedings, various options, and possible outcomes. We keep you informed every step of the way, while answering your questions and providing you with open, honest legal advice. We genuinely care about our clients and we want to simplify the process so you can focus on what’s really important to you.

We have outlined our process so you know what to expect before you meet with us:


Our first step is to meet with you for a consultation. Each client has a unique situation and a different mindset, so we start by listening to your story. We take the time to understand who you are, what you want to accomplish, and what factors are at play that could impact your case. By developing this relationship, we begin to grasp the intricacies of your circumstances and how we can help you.


Once we understand the foundation of your case, we ask you questions to assess your mindset and readiness to proceed. Some clients come to us ready for a divorce or adoption and want to start the process immediately. Others are not at that stage; they are looking for help, guidance, or information. No matter what stage you are in or what your level of readiness is, we meet you at that point and advise you accordingly.


The next step is to develop a thorough understanding of your priorities. Every client is unique, so we don’t make assumptions about what matters most to you. We ask you what your top five goals are and what your ideal outcome would be. These goals are likely to change throughout the process, so we will reassess your priorities as we move through the process. Understanding your priorities makes it easier for us to help you achieve your goals.


Using what we know about you and our extensive knowledge of the law, we give you our honest assessment and advice. We walk you through your options and your legal rights, as well as possible outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to voice them so we can ensure you are as comfortable and informed as possible.


After you decide what course of action you want us to take, we start to make a plan. This will include doing research, talking to witnesses (if necessary), and filing essential paperwork. All the while, we keep you informed on the progress we’re making. As always, we’re available to answer questions and provide you with guidance.


Once all the planning and paperwork is completed, we execute the plan. Depending on your situation, this may mean reaching a settlement, going to court, or attending mediation or collaborations. We never stop fighting for you and what you want. We are there to support and protect you throughout the entire process.

Our mission during every phase is to relieve as much stress and uncertainty for you as we can. We know these times are often complicated and difficult, which is why we offer so much more than a legal team; we give you a support system. We give you guidance and advice. And most importantly, we give you a team that will consistently go to bat for you and your best interests.