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Ending a marriage can cause unbearable stress on spouses and children. There is often anger and disappointment at the end of one phase of your life, and concern about what life will be like after the divorce. It is easy to focus on the emotional aspects of the breakup instead of focusing on securing your future. Yet, decisions made during the divorce can affect your security, your financial future, where you and your children live, and many other aspects of your life. Divorced parents or those who were never married both need to decide who will be responsible for the children’s health, education and all parts of their life.

At McCabe Russell, PA, we help people navigate through the divorce process while protecting and asserting everyone’s rights. Our Fulton family law attorneys listen to your family’s situation, explain your options and plan how to best prepare your case. When your spouse is willing to listen to reason, we recommend alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce. If possible, we try to work out an agreement. If your spouse is uncooperative, we are aggressive trial attorneys ready to fight for you. 

Common divorce issues

Our Fulton divorce attorneys calmly guide spouses through the divorce process. We understand which court documents need to be filed. Our lawyers conduct extensive discovery so we are aware of your partner’s assets, ability to earn a living, health and other factors that affect your ability to obtain a just division of your property and alimony.

The main aspects of divorce we handle include:

  • Divorce planning. We explain the various grounds for divorce and when grounds aren’t necessary. We help you get the right type of divorce for your situation.
  • Divorce negotiation. Many divorce and family law issues can be settled, but only with a thorough understanding of your needs and goals and a full review of your spouse’s financial and personal situation. Many times, negotiations can benefit both spouses if the issues are discussed and the attorneys use some creative approaches.
  • Uncontested divorces. If the parties consent, there are no minor children and there is an agreement about financial issues, two spouses can get an uncontested divorce.
  • High-conflict divorces. We understand how traumatic and upsetting a divorce can be. Some spouses feel the need to litigate every issue. They focus all their energy on making life difficult for their spouse We help spouses navigate through this difficult time so they get the best objective results.
  • Asset division. Marital property is mostly the assets you acquired during the marriage. Our lawyers analyze each factor that can change an award from 50-50 to a different percentage. Many times, we can negotiate trade-offs that give both sides what they want or need.
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements. We help prepare agreements before and during the marriage that contractually resolve many of the financial issues, such as how property will be divided. Some issues like child support cannot be part of an agreement because the duty to provide for a child cannot be compromised.
  • Alimony. For many spouses, the division of the property is not enough to fairly help a spouse in financial need. Our lawyers negotiate and litigate when spouses can get alimony pending the litigation, temporary alimony and indefinite alimony.

We do not rely on oral agreements or resolutions. We make sure all agreements and resolutions are finalized in writing.

Serving the best interest of children

Children need reliable structures and routines in order to be happy and to prosper. They need to know which parents are making the big decisions and the daily decisions for them. Parents, whether wed or unwed, are responsible for their child’s well-being. Agreements and orders can confirm which parent has responsibility for where the child lives, what happens if the child gets sick, what school the child goes to, who disciplines the child and many other issues. Our Fulton family lawyers represent parents and children in the following matters:

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  • Child custody. Legal custody is the authority to make decisions about a child’s health, education, religious upbringing and other major decisions. Physical custody is the decision as to where the child lives and who makes the daily decisions. Legal and physical custody can be shared.
  • Child support. Our attorneys understand the guidelines that determine how much support a parent must pay. We work to prove that a spouse’s income is accurate and that all relevant factors are considered.
  • Modification of custody and support orders. Child orders can only be changed if the circumstances of the parents or child change. Examples include a new job, a new disability and relocating to a new location.
  • Proving paternity. If there is doubt about who the father is, genetic testing may be authorized to determine paternity. In disputed cases, a judge has the final say about fatherhood.
  • Protective and peace orders. We bring immediate actions, called protective and peace orders, to order that a spouse, parent, neighbor or anyone who is threatening or hurting you or your child be ordered to stay away.
  • Adoption. We help bring step-parents, LGBTQ couples, married couples, minors and disabled parents together through the adoption process.
  • Best interest attorneys and child advocates. In custody and adoption cases, a child may need an independent lawyer. Our partners can act as legal counsel for children, provided there is no conflict.
  • Parenting coordination. Parents often need help from a trained lawyer or counselor to help them coordinate how they should take care of their children when the divorce is approved or when unwed couples separate.

Heather McCabe, a co-founder of the firm, is certified to represent parents who want to work out a parenting plan. Both Heather McCabe and co-founder Emily Russell are certified Best Interest attorneys.

Representing same-sex and LGBTQ couples in Fulton, Maple Lawn

Our lawyers help LGBTQ clients navigate through the divorce, child custody and child support issues in much the same we help others, with extra considerations for the unique difficulties of the LGBTQ communities. We have the skills, experience and resources to handle the complexities which many same-sex couples face, and to ensure that you and your children are protected under the law.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our Fulton divorce attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

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If you wait until you are emotionally settled to assert your rights and demand protection, it may be too late. At McCabe Russell, PA, our Fulton divorce and family lawyers balance your concerns about the future with strong, firm counsel about your current and long-term financial and security needs, as well as those of your children. Our Fulton office is located at 8171 Maple Lawn Blvd, less than a mile from Reservoir High School. To speak with a trusted experienced lawyer, please call us at 443-812-1435 or complete our contact form to make an appointment.

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