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Rockville Family Law Attorneys

The end of a marriage or a relationship is a scary experience. Beginning a new life means ending old emotional attachments and starting new ones. Living apart is often much more expensive than sharing expenses. An end of a relationship is usually more traumatic for the children than the adults. A well-negotiated divorce and family law agreement or a court order can provide you and your children with financial security and help smooth the transition to a new life.

The Rockville attorneys at McCabe Russell, PA are dedicated family lawyers. Our founders are not only seasoned trial attorneys; they are members of a blended family, who understand exactly what kind of toll divorce can have. Our lawyers are respected because we have earned the trust of numerous families going through divorce. Our esteemed reputation is also based on the respect other attorneys in Montgomery County give our lawyers because of the successful track record we have achieved.

How a Rockville divorce is handled

Many divorce contests can be resolved by agreement. When the spouses and the parents cannot agree on their own, there are alternative ways to help couples negotiate a settlement. The mediation process uses a skilled, independent person to help foster a settlement. Collaborative divorces are a process where the lawyers help the clients resolve their legal issues. Our Rockville divorce lawyers only recommend settlements when they are just. When a spouse is uncooperative and making unreasonable demands, we litigate your case before the family court judge.

In Maryland divorces, experienced divorce attorneys represent clients in the following issues:

  • Divorce planning. We help you plan for all phases of your divorce by learning about your situation and understanding your goals and needs. That way we can prepare the best strategy for your case.
  • Divorce negotiation. We are ready to take each part of your case to trial, but do understand that negotiated settlements often work to the advantage of everyone involved.
  • Uncontested divorces. The parties to a divorce need to wait a year after the separation or have grounds for the divorce – unless they consent, do not have any minor children and reach an agreement on all other divorce issues.
  • High-conflict divorces. In many divorces, one or both spouses refuse to negotiate and make it as difficult as possible for the other spouse. We have the experience necessary to manage high-conflict divorce cases.
  • Equitable distribution. In Maryland, property acquired during the marriage, such as homes, cars and bank accounts, can be divided between both spouses even if the property is titled in just one spouse’s name. Our lawyers work to identify all marital property and to obtain a just division, which may be more than a 50-50 split. We work hard to save the family home for you and your children.
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements. These are contracts that resolve how assets are to be distributed in case of a divorce. Parts or all of these agreements may be invalid. For example, the judge needs to decide what is in the best interests of children.
  • Alimony agreements and orders. Our lawyers advocate for clients in need of alimony during the litigation process, temporary alimony and indefinite alimony. We also contest these rights when necessary.

Our Rockville family lawyers protect our clients by making certain all agreed terms and all orders are in writing and are enforceable if the other side does not comply.

How child-related legal issues are handled in Rockville

Our lawyers explain to clients that the family judge needs to place the needs of the child first. The bottom-line decisions in all cases involving children are to do what is in the best interests of the child. That is why we work to align a parent’s interests with those of their children. Parents need to make many decisions about their children starting with where the children live, what happens if they get sick, which school they will go to, what activities they will engage him, tending to their daily needs and many other issues. Our lawyers help determine which parent or parents make the key decisions for their children and what the responsibilities of each parent are.

Some of the child issues that are resolved through the Maryland family law courts are:

  • Child custody. Legal and physical custody are the authority to make decisions for a child and the schedule of where the child lives and who raises the children. Both parents can share both types of custody.
  • Child support. Parents need to pay a just sum for their child’s shelter, food, clothing and other needs. We work to get the best outcome possible for your children.
  • Modifying existing agreements. Orders for the benefit of children cannot be changed unless there is a change in circumstances for either parent or any child. A new job, worsening health or the need to move can qualify as a legitimate change.
  • Paternity lawsuits. Most issues of fatherhood are resolved through genetic testing. If paternity is still uncertain, a judge decides paternity.
  • Protective and peace orders. We move quickly if violence or threats of violence are being made against your or your family. Protective and peace orders require that the abuser stay away or be sent to jail.
  • Adoption. We help step-parents, LGBTQ couples, married couples who wish to adopt, birth parents with a disability and minors arrange adoptions.
  • Best interest attorneys and child advocates. Our lawyers serve as:
    • Child advocates, formerly known as guardian ad litem.
    • Best interest lawyers, who represent the best interest of the child even if that interest sometimes goes against the child’s wishes.
    • Privilege attorneys, who serve as counsel to help get medical records and other privileged information released.
  • Parenting coordination. A parenting coordinator helps parents communicate when the divorce or relationship is over.

Both founding attorneys are certified Best Interest lawyers, and Heather McCabe is an authorized parenting coordinator.

Divorce and family law advice for same-sex clients in Rockville

The Supreme Court validated the right of same-sex couples to be married. This means that same-sex couples now need experienced legal counsel that understands divorce, equitable distribution, custody and the full range of divorce and separation issues. We are that legal counsel. We help same-sex couples and the LGBTQ community with domestic partnership agreements and other family issues. We guide LGBTQ clients through the family issues that are unique to them and the ones that are now common to everyone.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our Rockville attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Make the call to a tough, compassionate Rockville divorce and family lawyer as soon as possible

Early intervention can help you prepare for the legal and emotional struggle that all parties go through in a divorce. We explain your rights and options and aggressively work to achieve a fair and just resolution of all divorce matters and child-related issues. Our experience helps us see settlement possibilities that others do not. We are ready to go trial when necessary. To speak with an experienced Rockville divorce lawyer, please call McCabe Russell, PA at 443-812-1435 or complete our contact form.

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