Family Law


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Guiding Bethesda, Columbia, Rockville and Fulton parents and children through the post-breakup process

Family Law

Couples going through a divorce or a separation can fail to understand that the best interests of the children come first. Sometimes, they are so focused on what they think is best for their children, they forget that their children may have additional needs – or that what matters most is feeling safe, secure and loved.

At McCabe Russell, PA, our Howard and Montgomery county family law attorneys help parents and children get the protection they deserve and assert the rights they have. Our firm’s partners have a large, blended family, so we understand firsthand that the kids should always come first. We work to arrange settlements when possible and litigate on behalf of children’s interests when an ex-spouse or a co-parent is being unreasonable. From our offices in Rockville, Fulton, Bethesda and Columbia, we represent families throughout Montgomery and Howard Counties.

Types of family law issues we handle

Divorce is a major component of the practice of family law, but not every family law case involves two people getting divorced. More often, we are asked to assist our clients with their primary concern: their children. We handle a wide range of needs and cases, including:

  • Child custody. Our attorneys explain how legal custody involves the authority to make the big, long-term decisions for the family and how physical custody is the decision as to where the children will leave each day of the week. We advocate for clients and their children.
  • Child support. The determination of how much parents must pay to support their children is based on Maryland state guidelines. We can walk you through the guidelines so you can anticipate how much you may have to be, or will be entitled to for your child. We are particularly adept at cross-examining spouses who try to hide their income to reduce the amount of support they must pay.
  • Parental relocation. Parents who relocate still need to pay support for their children, and custody and visitation arrangements may be redrawn depending on the justification for the move and the number of miles away the parent is moving. Whether you wish to contest the relocation, or are the parent who wishes to move, we can help.
  • Paternity. Paternity can be determined by laboratory tests with a high degree of accuracy. Our lawyers explain when paternity can be authorized and what the consequences are depending on the results of the test.
  • Modification of orders. Child custody and child support orders generally cannot be modified unless there is a material change in circumstances impacting the best interest of the child. We work to help enforce existing orders and to change orders when necessary.
  • Protective and peace orders. If an ex-spouse or parent is hitting, threatening to hit, intimidating or abusing you, a child, a parent or a sibling, we bring immediate requests to order the abuser to cease their conduct and stay away from the person being abused. Additional protections may also be available in a protective order.
  • Adoption. Our lawyers help stepparents adopt their spouses’ children, LBGTQ parents adopt a partner’s child and couples adopt through a public or private agency.
  • Attorneys for children. Sometimes during the family law process, a child needs his/her own advocate, needs an adult to represent his/her best interests or needs to balance privacy rights with the court’s need to understand the child’s condition. Our attorneys are authorized to serve as legal counsel for the child, as Best Interest attorneys.
  • Parenting coordination. We are authorized to independently represent parents who need to improve their communication skills, create or manage a parenting plan, and handle conflicts and other daily parenting issues. Heather McCabe is a trained parenting coordinator who can help you craft a parenting plan that shows you deserve legal and physical custody – by yourself or jointly.

Our legal team also understands how to handle the proper way to serve papers to an ex-spouse or a co-parent.

At McCabe Russell, PA, our first role is to persuade the court that your children’s best interests are aligned with your interests – that you understand that your anger at a spouse or partner must take a back seat to providing for and raising your child. We protect your rights, ensure that the law is upheld, and provide support for our clients when the structure of their family is changing.

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