High Conflict Divorce


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High Conflict Divorce

While most weddings are joyous occasions, marriages sometimes end with sadness, or even regret. In some cases, the emotions are bitter or even aggressive. Navigating these types of high-conflict divorces requires a unique skill set in a lawyer: somewhere between mediator, advocate and champion. Our experienced Howard and Montgomery County divorce attorneys know that these type of dramatic or acerbic exchanges and divorces can be successfully conducted to the benefit of our clients — with effort and patience.

At McCabe Russell, PA, we recognize that our clients deserve a high caliber of representation during an undoubtedly stressful time. We are knowledgeable divorce attorneys working with families in Howard and Montgomery Counties to secure favorable outcomes during periods of family restructuring. We utilize our years of experience to guide our clients through every element of a divorce, from the first decision to the final signature. From our office locations in Fulton, Columbia, Bethesda and Rockville, we are able to offer our clients skilled and discreet service.

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What leads to a high-conflict divorce?

Every marriage endures its own stresses and times of conflict. In a high-conflict divorce, however, one person (or both) has usually dug his or her heels in, and refuses to compromise at all. In some cases, this is because of anger or frustration on behalf of that spouse: perhaps he or she does not want to get divorced, or feels as though he or she is “owed more” for some reason.

The causes of this obstinacy are often financial, but concerns over child custody can also trigger conflict. Though the Courts are bound to protect the best interests of the child, parents who cannot agree on exactly what that means, or how to proceed, may find themselves becoming more aggressive or contentious.

In some cases, however, the conflict is the result of abusive behavior. In these situations, we help clients (and their children, if they have any) seek protective orders or peace orders, and help them find a safe and secure location to live. We also assist them when it comes to finding a counselor, or if they need medical treatment.

Tips for keeping your composure under duress

If you are involved in a high-conflict divorce, you have likely already experienced distressing behaviors and actions. Perhaps contentious and argumentative behavior upsets and disconcerts you, or makes you feel anxious and insecure. You may want to engage in the disagreement, vent or argue with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but this could damage your legal case. Based on our experience with these types of interactions, we have some suggestions for how to best handle the dramatics, without getting further embroiled:

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  • Focus on your goals, not the present provocations. Much of the fuss could be a technique designed to distract you. When you are particularly exasperated, it can help to think about your future and how your present ability to stay calm and communicate clearly will help you get there.
  • Unless necessary, do not communicate face-to-face. While there are certainly exceptions to this rule, once a divorce has reached this level of animosity or strife, it may be better to interact via an intermediary.
  • Utilize your lawyer. Beyond being an intermediary for communication, an empathetic lawyer can support you, affirm what you are feeling and assist you with any emotionally charged decisions.
  • Stay firm on issues that are important to you, but be willing to give on others. Even in the most acrimonious divorce, some level of compromise is necessary. Rather than being a sign of weakness, compromise is a sign of strength and flexibility, growth and open-mindedness. Acquiescing on a minor matter may be the trigger to a similar concession on your spouse’s part.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our attorneys handle a variety of divorce cases, including:

Helping you move past a divorce to a bright future in Montgomery and Howard Counties

The goal of a divorce, on its own, is quite simple: to legally end a marriage. When dramatic emotions and rancor begin to arise, they distract and blur the true goal of the legal proceedings, negotiations and process. It takes an experienced Howard and Montgomery County divorce attorney to bring the task back into focus. We have the skills and tools to not only redirect these types of situations, but actually facilitate a successful outcome. We work closely with families from our offices in Fulton, Columbia, Bethesda and Rockville. Call McCabe Russell, PA at 443-812-1435 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment.

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