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Few experiences can prove more stressful, or more contentious, that those involving our families. At McCabe Russell, PA, we do whatever is within our means to help alleviate that stress. We are skilled and discreet Howard and Montgomery County family law attorneys whose reputation is rooted in our commitment to clear communication and client-centered ethos. Our intention is to shepherd you toward the best possible outcome for your unique and personal situation. We maintain multiple offices in Fulton, Columbia, Bethesda and Rockville, providing all of our clients access to our attorneys and services.

Restructuring families through divorce

We offer a wide array of services for clients embroiled in high-asset, contentious divorce proceedings, as well as those whose situations are more amicable. Our experienced attorneys routinely handle:

  • Divorce planning. If you are considering a divorce or think your spouse is, we help alleviate angst and allow you to make informed, strategic decisions by teaching you about your options and rights. We discuss issues that may arise so you can negotiate or litigate from a position of strength.
  • Divorce negotiation. Trying to make sure your interests are protected and represented in a high-stress court case can be an insurmountable challenge for some people. We work tirelessly as advocates for and proponents of your needs during the divorce process via negotiation.
  • High-conflict divorce. When abuse, ego or deep-seated stubbornness are involved, divorce can turn from a simple legal matter to what feels like a competitive sport. That is when it pays to have an experienced and indefatigable attorney fighting for you.
  • Uncontested divorce. Even the most placid divorce can still be complicated in terms of custody, property division or alimony determination. Our skilled lawyers have the education and experience to expedite the divorce process and alleviate any concerns or worries you may have.
  • Alimony. One of the more contentious aspects of divorce, alimony negotiation and determination requires solid experience and dedicated time and energy. Our attorneys prioritize your case and your needs, so you never feel neglected or unimportant.
  • Collaborative divorce. The goal of the collaborative process is to identify each spouse’s goals and the children’s best interests, facilitate healthy co-parenting and preserve family assets outside of court. As trained collaborative divorce attorneys, we work diligently to find a resolution that fits your goals.
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Whether we are drafting the agreement or reviewing it, we discuss your spousal rights and responsibilities and negotiate terms that are consistent with your individual goals.
  • Domestic partnerships. If you are living together, combining assets or purchasing property together, a domestic partnership can protect your rights, even without a formal marriage ceremony.
  • Mediation. We offer mediation to clients who want to take an active role in structuring their divorce and/or custody settlement. Mediation requires you and your spouse to work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial way to resolve issues such as division of property, alimony, child support and custody.

Protecting families with family law

In addition to divorce, we handle many other family law matters, including: 

  • Custody litigation. If you do not have a working custody arrangement, you may need to pursue the matter in court. If you have a particular worry about your child’s living arrangements or scheduling visitations, we help you sift through the options to find the best path for you and your child.
  • Parental relocation. When custody agreements need to be renegotiated due to a parental relocation, old drama can be stirred up. We take the time to make sure the new agreement is as fair to all involved and prioritizes the wellbeing of any children.
  • Paternity. Whether you are concerned with determining paternity or making sure that a parent follows through on his or her responsibility to their child, we work closely with you to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Civil protective orders and peace orders. Abuse happens, making protective orders a necessary tool in keeping you and your children safe. If you have been threatened or abused, or if you find yourself accused of being an abuser, we assist you in obtaining or defending a protective order. We help you navigate this fast-paced process in an effort to keep everyone safe.
  • Modifying orders. Even after a parenting plan is in place, you may still need support or to make revisions based on changes in your living situation or lifestyle. Our talented team of lawyers is ready and able to assist you, to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Adoption. Adoption is one of the most wonderful parts of our family law practice. We represent clients in stepparent, private, foster-to-adopt and second-parent adoptions. If you are creating or expanding your family, let us help you navigate the complicated adoption process.
  • Best interest attorney and guardian ad litem. Whether it is for an uncontested adoption or difficult litigation, we have had the honor of being appointed to represent children of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Parent coordination. Heather McCabe, Esq., is a trained Parent Coordinator who assists divorcing parents in recognizing conflict, identifying solutions and implementing effective communication strategies to ensure positive growth for each member of the family. Parenting coordination allows both parents to address parenting issues, while identifying common goals for the children without resorting to court intervention.

Helping families through same-sex/LGBTQA+ divorce and family law

The laws which govern same-sex couples may be the same as those which govern traditional couples, but the application of those laws can differ. You want a team who understands what types of obstacles you might face when it comes to family law issues. We routinely represent LGBTQ clients with:

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McCabe Russell, PA represents clients throughout Maryland and the greater Washington, DC area, including:

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