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McCabe Russell, PA, provides exceptional legal counsel in all family law areas. Confidence and comfort in your legal team are paramount in family law matters where the personal and financial stakes are so high. Our experienced attorneys use a proven process to deliver successful legal results as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Whether you decide to resolve your situation through mediation, collaborative practice, or in court, we will support you throughout the entire process until your goals are achieved. We focus primarily on three areas: restructuring, protecting, and creating families.

Restructuring Families

Pre-Divorce Planning

If you are considering a divorce, or think your spouse is, we help alleviate angst and allow you to make informed, strategic decisions by teaching you about your options and rights. We discuss issues that may arise so you can negotiate or litigate from a position of strength.

Divorce Litigation

We are experienced trial attorneys who advocate and fight for your rights at every phase of the process. We are dedicated to understanding your goals, tirelessly preparing for trial, and paying very close attention to detail to ensure we walk into court prepared.

Collaborative Divorce Practice

The goal of the collaborative process is to identify each spouse’s goals and the children’s best interests, facilitate healthy co-parenting, and preserve family assets outside of court. As trained collaborative attorneys, we work diligently to find a resolution that fits your goals.

Custody Litigation

If you do not have a working custody arrangement, you may need to pursue the matter in court. Whether you have a particular worry about your child’s living arrangements or scheduling visitations, we help you sift through the options to find the best path for you and your child.

Child Support Enforcement & Modification

A child has the right to be supported by both parents. Sometimes material circumstances change and child support needs to be modified. Other times the parent who is supposed to be paying does not. Whatever your circumstance, we help you understand what financial support your child is entitled to and how to pursue it.

Parent Coordination

Heather McCabe, Esq., is a trained Parent Coordinator who assists divorcing parents in recognizing conflict, identifying solutions, and implementing effective communication strategies. Parenting coordination allows both parents to address parenting issues, while identifying common goals for the children without resorting to court intervention.


We offer mediation to clients who want to take an active role in structuring their divorce and/or custody settlement. Mediation requires you and your spouse to work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial way to resolve issues such as division of property, alimony, child support, and custody. Mediators facilitate discussion, but do not give advice or make decisions.

Protecting Families and Individuals

Civil Protective Orders & Peace Orders

Abuse happens, making protective orders a necessary tool in keeping you and your children safe. If you’ve been abused, or if you find yourself accused of being an abuser, we assist you in obtaining or defending a protective order. We help you navigate this fast-paced process in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Best Interest Attorney and Guardian Ad Litem

Whether it is for an uncontested adoption or difficult litigation, we have had the honor of being appointed to represent children of all ages and backgrounds.

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Creating Families


Adoption is one of the best parts of our family law practice. We represent clients in step-parent, private, foster-to-adopt, and second-parent adoptions. If you are creating or expanding your family, let us help you navigate the adoption process.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Whether we are drafting the agreement or reviewing it, we discuss your spousal rights and responsibilities and negotiate terms that are consistent with your individual goals.

Domestic Partnerships

If you are living together, combining assets, or purchasing property together, a domestic partnership can protect your rights.