Parenting Coordination In Maryland

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”
— W.E.B. DuBois

Parenting Coordination is a process where a trained facilitator gives parents additional assistance in their efforts to co-parent. The purpose of parenting coordination is to help parents work through their differences, make joint decisions for the child, and coordinate their efforts on behalf of their child.

No-Nonsense Parenting Coordination

The goals of the Parenting Coordinator and the parents utilizing parenting coordination can vary from case to case, but some common goals are:

  • To determine how to follow the court-ordered parenting time schedule;
  • To make temporary changes to the parenting time schedule when needed;
  • To resolve and reduce conflicts over parenting;
  • To have meaningful and healthy parent-child relationships;
  • To learn the skills needed to engage in collaborative parenting;
  • To establish a working plan for communication between co-parents; and
  • To decrease constant litigation and other strife between the parents.

And at McCabe Russell, PA, the ultimate goal for all involved in the parenting coordination process is to enable the parents be able to make their decisions together without the help of the Parenting Coordinator.

While our Parenting Coordinator Heather McCabe is an attorney, if she is acting as your Parenting Coordinator, she is not your attorney. So, your parenting coordinator does not offer legal advice. Keep in mind, too, that a Parenting Coordinator is not a therapist, mediator, best interests attorney/guardian ad litem, judge, or custody evaluator. In general, a Parenting Coordinator is there to help two parents work together in a more effective way.

When using a Parenting Coordinator, parents may request help with things like:

  • a parenting schedule
  • establishing daily routines
  • a transportation schedule
  • choosing medical providers or therapeutic providers
  • coordinating extracurricular activities for the children
  • establishing consistent discipline and consequences for the children
  • communicating in a child-focused way

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Heather McCabe is a trained parenting coordinator, a parent of five children, and parents in a blended family. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to begin parent coordination, Heather McCabe and McCabe Russell, PA will assist you with working toward a healthy, respectful parenting relationship. To make an appointment in our Fulton (Howard County) office or our Rockville (Montgomery County) office, please call 443.812.1435 or fill out our contact form.