Divorce Mediation Maryland. Howard County And Montgomery County, Family Law

They key to resolving conflict is “suspension of one’s own point of view as the only point of view.”
— David Bohm

Who knows best the needs of your particular family? You and your co-parent or spouse. Divorce mediation is a good option when:

  • You need assistance communicating;
  • You need help establishing your goals;
  • You need creative solutions for your family; and/or
  • You need solutions that best meet each participant’s respective goals.

Mediation is a problem-solving process in which the participants themselves, while working with a neutral mediator, craft the resolution. The information disclosed during mediation is private and cannot be used against either party in court if the conflict is not resolved during mediation.

A mediator is not your attorney, but a trained neutral hired to assist you to resolve the problems at hand. Your mediator will ask questions to make sure she and each participant has all the information the participants need. The mediator will work to keep the participants focused on their goals and working toward solutions while assisting the participants in identifying the information they need to fully reach their resolutions. A skilled mediator will also help participants generate options for resolution, provide legal information (but not advice), and draft Agreements as desired by the participants.

A divorce mediator in Maryland cannot represent either party because the process is built on the understanding that the mediator is neutral, not an advocate for either participant.

Enduring Agreements

The best candidates for mediation are those that value self-determination. The participants want to create their own solutions – solutions that are unique to their family and their situation. Mediated agreements are frequently more detailed and more enduring than court-ordered solutions. Of course, mediation is not exclusive to any particular part of the separation and divorce process. It can be useful to resolve all of the issues or just a few difficult ones that are preventing overall resolution.

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