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“Being a parent wasn’t just about bearing a child. It was about bearing witness to its life.”
— Jodi Picoult

Adoption is one of the most fulfilling ways to expand a family. The attorneys at McCabe Russell, PA, have been helping parents grow their families through adoption for more than 25 years combined.

Adoption Attorneys You Can Count On

There are many different sorts of adoption and some are more complicated than others. The lawyers at McCabe Russell, PA, frequently help families interested in adoption, especially in these areas:

  • Step-Parent Adoption. A step-parent adoption can seem like a natural choice where a person’s spouse takes on a parental role with their child from another relationship and where the other biological parent is not involved, less involved, deceased, or wanting to terminate his/her parental rights.  Step-parent adoption can provide the legal seal on what is already a parent-like relationship between a child and his/her step-parent.  In Maryland, the step-parent adoption process is less rigorous process than other sorts of adoption, but there can still be complications especially if issues with consent of the biological parent arise.
  • Second Parent Adoption. In LGBT relationships, where one parent is not biologically related to the child, we recommend that the parents complete a Second Parent Adoption.  In the wake of marriage equality, we have experienced that fewer couples (married or not) are opting to complete these adoptions, but recent case law in Maryland suggests that it is not optional, but imperative to adopt if you are the non-biological parent.
  • Representation of Minor Birth Parents. Attorney Heather McCabe has been representing minor and disabled birth parents consenting to the adoption of their birth children since 1998.   There is no greater gift to a child than wanting to give that child a better life than the one you are able provide.  With great compassion for these parents, Attorney McCabe explains the adoption process, their rights, and their options.

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