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McCabe Russell, PA, is a divorce, separation, and family law firm with offices in both Howard and Montgomery County, Maryland. With more than 25 years of experience representing individuals in complex domestic matters, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of legal service to our clients. Discretion, compassion, and professionalism are the hallmarks of our firm’s philosophy.

Our practice was founded on the desire to help people during these complicated times. Our well-practiced, caring lawyers take the time to develop a relationship with each client. We genuinely care about your well-being and success, which is why we dedicate ourselves to your case.

Heather McCabe, Divorce Lawyer Howard County MD

Heather McCabe

Heather is the firm’s managing partner and divorce law guru. Heather knows all the ins and outs of divorce in Maryland and DC and she knows exactly what to do to put her clients in a position to accomplish their goals.

Prior to joining the firm, Heather taught at both Georgetown University and American University. Her advocacy and writing skills are unparalleled and she routinely leaves those of us in the office in awe of her abilities. Clients love Heather because she speaks common sense and negotiates consistently brilliant results while being completely delightful. She is warm, smart and a fierce advocate for her clients. Heather has seen divorce from both sides of the table. She understands what clients are going through and it is her mission to see them through to the other side. When Heather talks about her job she will tell you, “my clients deserve to be happy and it is my job to help them get there.”

Emily Russell, Divorce Attorney

Emily Russell

Emily leads our firm’s litigation team, focusing on all aspects of divorce, custody and child support matters. Emily’s favorite place to be, when she’s working, is in the courtroom. She is a seasoned litigator who will tell you that there are few things in life better than a well-executed cross-examination.

When she’s not in court, Emily is one of the nicest lawyers you will ever meet. Within the firm she is known for her ability to approach every case with a calm focus that puts her clients at ease. She has earned the well-deserved reputation among her colleagues for her willingness to successfully take on some of the most difficult divorce and custody cases throughout the state. Without a doubt, Emily is the trial attorney you want seated on your side of the courtroom.

Super Lawyers
Shaoli Sarkar Esq Fulton and Rockville Maryland Attorney

Shaoli Sarkar

Shaoli Sarkar, Esq., is an Associate Attorney in the litigation and appellate advocacy practice groups.  Shaoli earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her law degree from American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, DC.   Prior to joining McCabe Russell, Shaoli served as the Managing Attorney for the House of Ruth’s Domestic Violence Legal Clinic, practicing in a variety of jurisdictions throughout the state. A highly skilled trial attorney, Shaoli has successfully represented hundreds of clients in complex, high conflict family law matters and earned a well-deserved reputation amongst her peers as a tenacious, effective and tough litigator.

Samantha Posner Attorney Family Law Howard County and Montgomery County Md

Samantha B. Posner

Samantha B. Posner, Esq., is an Associate Attorney in the firm’s litigation and mediation practice groups.  An experienced litigator, trained mediator, and certified Best Interest Attorney, Samantha is the complete family law attorney. Samantha graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2012 and over the next five years established herself as a top tier family law attorney in Maryland.  Samantha joined McCabe Russell in 2017 and continues to focus her practice exclusively on custody, child support, and divorce, striving to promote peaceful solutions to all domestic matters. 

Fawziyah Matin Paralegal Fulton Md

Fawziyah Matin

Fawziyah Matin is a member of our paralegal team.  Fawziyah was born and raised in London, England where she earned her BA in Law from Middlesex University and a Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Westminster.  While living in London, Fawziyah gained valuable experience working for J. Stifford Law Solicitors.  Upon relocating to the United States, Fawziyah joined the paralegal team at McCabe Russell, PA where she has put her extensive training and experience to work for clients on this side of the pond.

Christie Hanna, Paralegal in Fulton MD

Christie Hanna

Christie joined the McCabe Russell team as a paralegal in 2015, and we have been smiling ever since. Christie is wonderfully smart, fast, efficient, hardworking and nice. She’s deeply immersed in the firm’s cases and day to day client management. Christie brightens our office with an irrepressible enthusiasm for her work. The backbone of our organizational system, Christie ensures that every client file is in pristine order and each attorney is prepared for whatever the day may bring. When she’s not managing our office, she’s managing her four children – so you know she can handle anything!