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Alimony is a regular payment, often monthly, that one spouse pays another as part of a divorce case. Spousal support is sometimes ordered for a short time to help the receiving spouse get on their feet. In some cases, such as when one spouse is disabled, alimony can be ordered indefinitely.

At McCabe Russell, PA, our Fulton alimony lawyers explain when a spouse may be entitled to alimony. We also inform spouses that alimony must be part of the divorce action. Once the divorce is granted, any future claims for alimony will be denied. Alimony court orders are normally just an order to pay money. Alimony agreements can be more flexible. For example, we might arrange to have the spouse who must pay alimony pay the mortgage payments as they become due.

Fulton Maryland Alimony Attorneys

What are the different types of alimony orders?

Maryland offers three different types of alimony awards:

  • Alimony pendente lite. This is a limited type of alimony that is meant to provide for the less-monied spouse during the divorce process.
  • Rehabilitative alimony. Where alimony is awarded, this is the most common type of alimony. Its aim is to help one spouse transition into their ability to earn an income, or to undergo training or education to help that spouse find employment.
  • Indefinite alimony. Here, there is no time limit on the alimony, which is why it is so rarely awarded. You may be eligible for this type of alimony if there is no reasonable prospect of being able to earn an income, or if there is such a wide variance between your ability and that of your spouse’s ability to earn a living and a vast difference in living standards, that alimony is the only way to address the disparity.

A change to an alimony award is normally only considered if there is a significant change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job.

What factors determine the amount of alimony awarded?

Our attorneys work to maximize the amount (or minimize depending on who we represent) of an alimony award by addressing all the relevant factors, including:

  • How long the couple was married
  • The financial circumstances of each of the spouses individually
  • The age of the spouses and their physical condition and mental health
  • Why the couple is getting divorced
  • The ability of the spouses to earn a living
  • The education level of the spouses
  • Any prior agreement between the spouses
  • Any other financial needs of the spouses
  • A spouse’s interest in any retirement benefits

The equitable division agreement is also a key factor in any alimony award.

Will adultery affect a spousal support award in Maryland?

Maryland courts must apply the same legal requirements to all alimony cases regardless of whether adultery has taken place.  The court can consider one party's “bad” behavior when deciding alimony, but there are several other factors that will also be taken into consideration as to whether spousal support will be paid to or paid by either party.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our Fulton family law attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

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Alimony is not a relic of the past. If one spouse supports the other at the expense of her or his career or a spouse is at a severe economic disadvantage during the divorce or after the divorce, the team at McCabe Russell, PA, fights to get you every dollar you deserve. We understand when alimony can be a useful bargaining chip and when it cannot. Our record of successful divorce negotiations and trials has earned us the highest respect from our legal peers and the Howard County family law community. For help today, please call us at 443-812-1435 or fill out our contact form.

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