Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Collaborative Divorce

Top 7 Reasons to Pursue a Collaborative DivorceDeciding to end a marriage can be physically and emotionally draining. As a result, couples are turning to collaborative divorce, as it is a great option for those who would rather not deal with stress or drama in their lives. When compared to the traditional divorce process, collaborative divorces encourage ex-spouses to work together to find solutions for their issues.

Therefore, instead of focusing on winning, the objective is to concentrate on compromising and developing a plan that works for everyone involved. Below is a list of nine reasons why you should pursue a collaborative divorce over a traditional divorce in Fulton.

1.    It can be less expensive.

Collaborative divorce can be much cheaper than traditional divorce. Because both parties are usually settlement-oriented and do not have to prepare for court, collaborative can be more efficient, saving you money. Your lawyer won’t be planning for a contested trial, and instead their focus will be on reaching a settlement that both parties believe is fair.

2.    You will have some control over the outcome.

Instead of the judge deciding what is best for you and your ex-spouse, you will get to control the outcome of your future. You and your ex-spouse can work together to come to a common ground about what you want the results of your divorce to look like.

3.    It can increase the success of co-parenting.

When it comes to collaborative divorce, communication and agreement are more important than conflict. Therefore, if you share children with your ex-spouse, a collaborative divorce can help keep situations from escalating and getting out of hand. This makes things easier for your children as you are able to work together and raise them without any hard feelings after the divorce.

4.    Your divorce matters will be private and confidential.

When a traditional divorce goes to court, it becomes public. This can lead to exposure of certain information that you did not want others to know about. So, if you want things to remain as private and confidential as possible, a collaborative divorce is the way to go.

5.    You will not have to go to court.

Many times, couples choose collaborative law because they want to avoid court. This can decrease the stress, frustrations, and legal battles that accompany divorce. You and your lawyer will never step foot in a courtroom (except for a quick divorce hearing once you reach an agreement), and things will remain as peaceful as possible throughout the entire process.

6.    You will have a great support system.

Choosing collaborative law offers you the opportunity to have multiple professionals supporting you in a variety of ways. You will also have an excellent Fulton divorce attorney who will take the time to explain the process to you, answer any questions and concerns you may have, and remain by your side from start to finish.

7.    You do not have to rearrange your life around divorce.

Collaborative divorces are typically flexible, allowing you to schedule meetings around your work hours or other important obligations. This makes them more convenient and efficient for a lot of people.

Who might benefit the most from collaborative divorce?

Deciding if a collaborative divorce is best for you depends on several factors, such as your and your ex-spouse’s willingness to work together, communicate, and find common ground when it comes to making important decisions. That said, if there is a history of domestic violence or inability to communicate and agree, collaborative divorce is most likely not a potential option for you.

However, there are many other people who might benefit the most from collaborative divorces, such as:

  • Parents of special needs children
  • Individuals with family businesses that will not dissolve
  • Couples who do not want to go to court
  • People with pets
  • Parents sharing custody
  • Couples who need the divorce process to be as fast as possible
  • Private couples
  • People who are over the age of 50
  • Individuals who do not have much free time to spare in their schedule
  • Couples who want to remain friends after divorce
  • Those who need individualized assistance
  • Religious individuals
  • LGBTQ families and couples

How long will my collaborative divorce take?

Every case is unique and different. Couples who truly embrace the collaborative process of working together may find that they reach resolution sooner because they are not fighting over every step in the process. But divorce takes time, especially when couples have substantial assets to be divided, or significant disagreements when it comes to child custody or alimony.

What we can say is that collaborative divorce, at its heart, encourages cooperation and compromise. It is supposed to help couples avoid litigation, so it could take you less time to reach the resolution you want.

Whether or not collaborative divorce is right for you, the Fulton family law attorneys at McCabe Russell, P.A. provide strong representation, compassion and understanding to our clients. Whether you litigate or settle, we will always explain every part of the process to you, creating a more comfortable space where you can discuss your goals and have full transparency. Your agreement will be tailored to your needs and the needs of your children, if applicable. Collaborative divorce can be peaceful and conflict-free for those willing to work together.

To learn more about collaborative law and if it will work for you, please do not hesitate to call our office or fill out our contact form. We will schedule your free consultation, which will take place at our Fulton, Bethesda, Rockville, or Columbia office location for your convenience.