Trusted Divorce Attorneys In Rockville and Fulton Maryland

“She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”
— Elizabeth Edwards

At McCabe Russell, PA, our accomplished attorneys understand that every person’s divorce experience is unique. Have you decided to the end marriage? Has your spouse? Are you considering a separation? Is your spouse saying it’s over?

Our attorneys are equipped to assist you in every level of divorce matters – whether you are dealing with a high conflict child custody case, a complex real estate or property matter, or simpler issues.

Whatever circumstances you are facing, we will advocate for you. Having practiced law in Howard County and Montgomery County (as well as the surrounding counties), we are familiar with the judges, lawyers, and other decision-makers in the family law communities.

We will help you evaluate the processes (mediation, collaborative practice, and litigation to name the big ones) for resolving your divorce matter. With creativity, compassion, discretion, and commitment, we will work directly with you to establish goals that are most important to you. Whatever method you choose for resolving your divorce, we will help you to face a difficult time with confidence and clarity.

Focused On Your Interests

Whether you are contemplating divorce or have already started the process, we will help you make sense of the many questions that will be swirling:

  • Who will live in the house?
  • Where will the children live?
  • How do we divide our things?
  • How do we establish a custody calendar?
  • Do we need a holiday calendar?
  • What if we get along well?
  • What if my spouse agrees to everything except money issues?
  • Will I receive or have to pay child support?
  • Will I receive or have to pay alimony?
  • What bills do I have to pay?
  • What if my spouse is not willing to co-parent?
  • What if I am served with papers at home?
  • Why is my co-parent is threatening to take the children from me?
  • What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of litigation or collaborative divorce?
  • Why do we have to go to court?

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If you are considering or going through a separation or divorce, our experienced family lawyers at McCabe Russell, PA, will see you through the divorce process. McCabe Russell, PA, has more than 25 years of experience in divorce and separation trials. To make an appointment in our Fulton (Howard County) office or our Rockville (Montgomery County) office, please call 443.812.1435 or fill out our contact form.