Sometimes Your Life and Your Desk Can Be Messy: Finding Joy In the Organizing

There’s no time like a divorce to begin organizing! Ever felt like your life was out of control? Or just too messy to get what you want? Heather McCabe, one of the attorneys at McCabe Russell, is inspired both in her life and in the family law work she does every day by the “tidying up” expert herself – Maria Kondo. At its core, Kondo’s principle for cleaning up your physical space is simple: does it bring you joy?

McCabe believes that in organizing one’s life (whether it’s a desk, a closet, or a relationship), one more easily identifies what brings joy. When working for clients, McCabe Russell, PA, strives for seamless organization and efficiency with their clients, keeping them up to date through the latest online platforms for communication. When working with clients, the attorneys at McCabe Russell strive to keep priorities clear and realistic, making way for happiness in the wake of divorce.

McCabe is always looking for ways to organize her desk and her life. We can all learn something about energizing our life from Kondo.

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