Confident Collaborative Practitioners for Your Maryland Divorce

“Your Ex is not your child’s Ex. . .”
— DK Simoneau

A collaborative divorce is an integrative approach for families to reach a non-adversarial legal agreement. In the collaborative process, both spouses are represented by their own attorneys after mutually agreeing to resolve their case through negotiation rather than court action. McCabe Russell, PA, works together with individuals, parents, and an array of well-qualified professionals to effectively achieve the best options for our clients and their children during the process of separation and divorce.

Our compassionate and caring attorneys offer you a personalized plan tailored towards managing personal growth, financial concerns, family concerns, co-parenting issues and the hassles of daily living as a single individual/parent. Our goal is to identify our client’s respective needs (and their children’s where necessary) and include the appropriate professionals to promote harmony and healing during the transitioning process.   Along with our attorneys, typical participants used during your collaborative proceedings may include financial planners, mental health professionals for individuals, families, and/or children, and others as helpful. The parties and their attorneys work together to put together a collaborative team that supports the individuals and the family best.

When the children’s well-being and best interests are at stake, we encourage our clients to calmly and collectively create a child-focused plan of action. We provide successful models giving you the tools to help your children understand that they are not alone or to blame during the many changes and emotions they may be experiencing. With McCabe Russell by your side, your children’s finances, health (both physical and mental), and a reasonable custody plan are addressed in a legal document securing the child’s immediate and future needs. While making the decisions about who and what to include, our clients often wonder what the advantages are for each outside professional:

  • What is the role of the financial planner?
    • How is a financial planner different than an investment banker?
    • Will the financial planner help with alimony/child support?
    • Will the financial planner help with the division of our assets and debts?
    • Will the financial planner help me understand and set up all of my own accounts?
    • Do I also need an accountant or do I still do taxes with my ex?
    • What about the children’s assets/money?
  • What about the mental health professionals or coaches?
    • What is this co-parenting I keep hearing about?
    • How do we decide if we need family, individual and/or child therapy?
    • How do we know what the kids need?
    • Do the coaches help families decide and adjust to their new living situation?
    • Will the coaches help figure out the kids’ holiday schedule?

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With our training and many years of experience, McCabe Russell understands the tremendous value of our clients participating in a process based on cooperation as opposed to conflict. We hope that the collaborative divorce process provides a readable map for your journey ahead. While we can’t change the difficult situations from your past, we will work together to resolve current challenges leading you on a positive path to growth and wellbeing which will help you transition to a new and fulfilling chapter in your life.

If you are considering a collaborative process to resolve your dispute, our experienced family lawyers at McCabe Russell, PA, will help you put together a team that works for you and your family. To make an appointment in our Fulton (Howard County) office or our Rockville (Montgomery County) office, please call 443.812.1435 or fill out our contact form.